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Here are all the other blog posts I have done that do not fit into a review category. These include book tags, interviews, and my adventures! I hope you find these as enjoyable as I find writing them. Look out for many familiar locations and enjoy reading me pretending to be an Austen character.

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Interview with Angela Mack

This is a very exciting blog post and something that I certainly will be doing more of in the future. I had the absolute pleasure to interview Angela Mack ahead of her upcoming publication of the sequel I Am Unbreakable. This is part of my promotional weekend for the author where I have re-directed fans … Continue reading Interview with Angela Mack


I have been patiently waiting for my birthday to do this book tag since I saw Books By Dano do it. It was my birthday 24th October and time to publish the ‘Birthday Book Tag’. QUESTION 1: THE BIRTHDAY CAKEA BOOK WITH A PLOT THAT SEEMS CLICHE BUT YOU ADORE IT ANYWAY. I find this … Continue reading BIRTHDAY BOOK TAG

My Time At Pemberley!

Yesterday, I visited the most beautiful Lyme Park, which posed as Pemberley for the 1995 BBC TV series of ‘Pride and Prejudice’. It was a perfect time to go as this year is the 25th anniversary, so going as a P&P fan, this felt extra special. We arrived a little early as the House opened … Continue reading My Time At Pemberley!

Currently Reading Book Tag

I know that it may seem like a while since I have posted a blog post. I apologise for that and will provide you with a little update as to why. Like many people this year, due to the circumstances, I have taken a staycation to Wales! This was a great end to the summer … Continue reading Currently Reading Book Tag

General update!

Hello everyone! It has been around 8 weeks now since I started this blog and 9 for my bookstagram (@fortheliterature). I am overwhelmed with how wonderful the book community is and how much fun I am finding being a blogger. It was something I have attempted in the past but could never get it to … Continue reading General update!

Reading Habits Book Tag

This looked like a very interesting and fun book tag to do. I found it from Soph’s Book World @sophsbookworld and thought I would give it a go! BOOKMARKS OR RANDOM PIECE OF PAPER Up until recently I would have said random piece of paper. I never really owned a nice, pretty bookmark and would … Continue reading Reading Habits Book Tag

The Book Snob Book Tag

Thank you very much Alice for the tag! This seems like a very different yet equally exciting tag and I am looking forward to seeing what my answers will be. Keep reading to find out and let me know what you think in the comments. Adaptation snob: Do you always read the book before you … Continue reading The Book Snob Book Tag

My Life In Books Tag

Thank you Alice @aliceandherbookshelf for tagging me to do this! I have been plotting my answers from reading various answers and very happy to be able to do it myself now. Make sure to follow Alice to see all her amazing blog content and please follow her social media. Find A Book For Each Of … Continue reading My Life In Books Tag


The beginning is always today. Mary Shelley Not surprisingly, I have took inspiration to begin writing this blog after the incessant boredom created by lockdown! Although the end of which is near, as Mary Shelley said “the beginning is always today”, or to put in other terms, it is never too late to start. This … Continue reading Welcome!