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Be it a new blockbuster hit or a screen favourite, here are all the movie reviews on my blog. I will aim to explore the differences from text to screen where possible, providing an in depth comparison to each piece of literature and ultimately conclude with the most asked question: is the book better?

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Movie Review: Moxie (2021)

I am aware that Moxie is of course a book, but considering I have not read it yet, this review will solely be based on the Netflix adaptation. However, after giving this a watch, I will certainly be purchasing Jennifer Mathieu’s novel soon. Vivian is a 16 year old student, who finds herself unexpectedly leading … Continue reading Movie Review: Moxie (2021)

Movie Review: Frozen 2 (2019)

The story follows Elsa and Anna’s adventure of opening the gates to the people of Arendelle under the reign of Queen Elsa. Everything appears to be perfect for everyone, all except Elsa. Things start to change when she hears a voice calling to her. She follows it into the Enchanted Forest, where a new adventure … Continue reading Movie Review: Frozen 2 (2019)