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I am a twenty year-old BA (Hons) English student from England. I am currently in my second year and trying my very best to gain relevant experience alongside my studies to help gain an editorial role in Publishing. I began my blog to aid this and is something I have attempted to do before but never managed to establish it. Now, I am very happy with what I have started and getting my writing out there for you all to read.

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My interests

Reading is a great passion of mine, with a particularly keen interest in classic novels and unashamedly loving Byronic Hero’s (Heathcliff!!! Mr Darcy!!!). Through studying English Literature at A Level and University it has opened up my world of literature and allowed me to explore authors I may not have considered before. My favourite classic novel is Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. My favourite modern author is André Aciman and I particularly love Call Me By Your Name and Enigma Variations. I also find non-fiction works very interesting. I took a great interest into the life of journalist Stephen Glass, who fabricated multiple stories for the highly regarded liberal magazine company: The New Republic. It educated me into the serious world of journalism and how highly regarded the profession is. Pre-1900’s Romantic poetry is also a strong passion of mine. The Romantic era has paved the way for many of my favourite poets and authors such as: Lord Byron, Percy Shelley and Mary Shelley. The works of such greatly inspire me and never cease to impress me.

Being surrounded by so much literary inspiration has allowed me to write my own stories and poems. The creative freedom is something I enjoy greatly. Allowing yourself to forget about your own life and live vicariously through characters is the best experience and provides such important emotional value and inspiration. This is also explored through my regular attendance of the theatre. The theatre is like my second home and will always be the best place to be. I love watching many productions and finding new favourites. Musical theatre is my main passion, with Phantom of the Opera being my favourite followed by Carousel.


To accompany my blog, I have a successful bookstagram @ForTheLiterature, where I post daily bookish content. Comment your Instagram handles and I will make sure to give you all a follow as I love following fellow book accounts. They are probably the most aesthetically pleasing feeds to grace Instagram. The book community is most welcoming and lovely, so I would love to engage with more of you.

I have completed a Proofreading and Editing Diploma, online course via Centre of Excellence. I achieved a Distinction with a grade percentage of 100%. This has introduced me to the roles of a proofreader and editor and developed my skills in both areas. I understand what is required and how to approach a manuscript as each role. I would love to take up a freelance position and put into practise everything I have learnt. If you are an aspiring author, have a manuscript you want to be looked at or even want a check over before submitting it to other editors or publication, please contact me. Use the contact form that is on the menu bar and I will get back to you ASAP to discuss enquiries further. Not only will this benefit me and my skills, but will also hopefully help you, as an author decide the future of your manuscript.

I am a contributing writer for The Publishing Post. This is a fortnightly magazine produced by publishing hopefuls for all book lovers and also those who are trying to break into the industry. There is a wide scope of content from upcoming authors to interviews and job alerts. My participation is within the classic literature feature. With my team, we strive to make classics accessible to everyone and explore all different types of classic works. Make sure you subscribe to get the free issues straight to your inbox and you can also access previous issues on the website (I will place all the links at the bottom of this page too).

I am a contributing editor for Ta Voix. This is a bi-monthly anthology and are always looking for works to be featured. If you have a piece of written work that you would like to get published follow the submission guidelines on the website and email us to get featured! Or if you fancy the editing role, you can also apply through the website. I really enjoy putting the skills I have learnt from my online course into practise and has further enforced my desire to make this my profession.

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